Conversations with a Three Year Old, Part 637

“Mommy, how do you make love?”

The question was honest, and innocent.  I absolutely believe in talking about such matters frankly, so I did what any self-respecting parent would do.  I stalled.

“What do you mean, like a drawing?”  I thought maybe she meant a heart.  When Everett was her age he used to always (adorably) call hearts “kisses”.

“No.  No.  Not a drawing.  I said ‘how do you make love?”  She repeated it as if I were hard of hearing, and followed it up with  “Like, with your body.”

“Uh….  your body?”  Stalling, stalling.   I’m cool, I’m calm.   I can handle this.

“Yes,”  She paused, and much to my relief, rephrased.  “Well, no.  With your hand.”

“Oh….”   I wasn’t sure that was better.   And then I realized.  “OH!  You mean this?”:


“Yes!”  And I helped her make the sign with her own fingers, and she was happy.  “I love you Mommy,”  she told me, with both her hand and her words.

I love you too, baby.  More than you’ll ever know.


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9 Responses to Conversations with a Three Year Old, Part 637

  1. Amy

    Saved by something! LOL!

  2. A delightful illustration of why it is better to ask a few probing questions BEFORE giving too many answers! So sweet! Still chuckling inside…

    Cindy@ Baptist Taliban Memoirs

  3. Faith Bryant

    My sister-in-law had that exact same conversation with my niece 30 years ago except my niece said “You KNOW, like on Sesame Street.”

    Glad you asked questions before answering!

  4. Devina

    Hahahaha! I was reading this, thinking in my own mind, how I would answer that question. Good one!

  5. Chelsie

    I’m still giggling. Love love love you guys <3

  6. Angela

    Sometimes stalling really is the right response … 

  7. Gbgordonbrooks

    That is why Christ kneel in the sand, to be still and get the best answer .

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