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Oct 01

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me


When Jessica posted this link-up, my first thought was what a fun little project it’d be.  Five things you didn’t know about me;  cool!  My second thought was, “Crap.  Is there anything they don’t know about me?” I mean, you all know I’m a chronic insomniac.  You know that nothing bothers me more than misplaced …

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Sep 25

8 Month Dreadiversary

My crazy dreads are 8 months old! Here’s what they’re doing… And I apologize for all the “ums”. There’s a reason I typically write instead of, well, speak.

Sep 22

Rolling in the Deep

Tegan loves Adele.  And when I say she loves Adele, I mean she really, really loves Adele.  I find Adele very refreshing, because she can actually SING, rather than relying on smoke and mirrors and spandex and pyrotechnic woo-woo stuff like so many of the other popular performers today.  But Tegan… she’s just enamored.   Adele’s …

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Sep 17



Sometimes I forget to breathe. Not the kind of breathing you need to, well, stay alive (thankfully your body tends to safeguard against that)… but the kind of breathing you need to really LIVE.   And dude:  breathing correctly is important!  Dr Andrew Weil, author of Eight Weeks to Optimum Health – as well as a …

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Aug 30

Books and Covers


  “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Such an old, tired cliche, and one that has very nearly lost all meaning.  Sure, we pull it out from time to time, and make ourselves feel like it is a new revelation… but does anyone actually live by it?  From what I can see – both …

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Aug 28

12 Awesome Things


Twelve years ago today, I went into labor with my fabulous second son.  It was the one labor of the four that unfolded even better than we could have planned.  It was fast, quiet, and peaceful.  Just us and the midwife.   He had lots of red hair, and a hearty scream.  I held him for …

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Aug 23

Should Christians Do Yoga?


(photo by The first time I took a yoga class was over a decade ago.  I was a new mom looking for ways to re-center, and it was something that I’d always wanted to try.  When my parents gave me some money for my birthday, I decided to treat myself and sign up for …

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Aug 20

Television Without Fear


Thanks to Alice for another spot-on guest post! I was raised without cable TV.  Actually, there were long stretches of my upbringing where we didn’t even own a TV, until my aunt and uncle would come to visit and bring one of their (many) old black and white TVs that wasn’t being used in their …

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Aug 17

Whirly, Swirly Unschooling Days


One of the first things people ask me when they begin to get a tenuous grasp on unschooling is, “So what does a typical day look like?”  And my gut response is typically led with, “Um….”   Not because we don’t do anything, and not because I don’t know what we do, but because each …

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Aug 13

The Five R’s For New Homeschoolers


A couple days ago, I read an article aimed at new homeschoolers that outlined several tips for what the author considered to be successful homeschooling.   She mostly wrote about schedules, rules, and minimizing distractions.   Now, I’m not going to tell you how to homeschool – partly because I’ve done that elsewhere on my blog; and …

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