Jan 25

Science with Everett

Everett is completely enamored with both science and magic.   This simple little trick combines a little of both.




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  1. mette

    Hi :) I can’t catch the explanation, think someting is wrong with my speakers or something, the sound is very unclear…is there anything else on the plate than the lime and match? and what’s the trick then? would like to try this tomorrow with the kids. Thanks.

    1. pathlesstaken

      There is water on the plate. When the match is lit and the cup is placed over it, it creates a vacuum and all the water is sucked into the glass. :-)

      1. mette

        Thank you Jennifer. I am sure my children will love this!

  2. Jessica

    That was really cool! My son is 9… he would love that, too.
    Thanks to you and Everett for sharing! :)

    1. pathlesstaken

      You’re welcome!

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