Unschooling, Today

28 days into the new year.

Three of the four kids have been sick (Paxton is still steadfastly drinking his Vitamin C and so far successfully willing himself not to get it).  We’ve had car repairs and front door repairs and dryer repairs.  Gymnastics started up again.  So did karate.  And Cub Scouts.

We decided we needed to repaint almost our whole house, starting with the living room and kitchen:


And through it all, there’s been a lovely rhythm, the kind that reminds me why we unschool.

Spencer has been making good use of the tools he got for Christmas, spending much of his days  out in the garage.  When he’s not taking apart, putting together, or otherwise fixing his lawn mowers and weed wackers, he’s on the internet… soaking up more information, watching instructional videos, and trouble-shooting.

Paxton has been working hard teaching himself computer programming.  He has a giant book on Python (which I know nothing about, except that it’s a computer “language”) that he uses as a reference, and he also watches tutorials and videos on YouTube.  He’s able to program his own simple games from scratch now, and he sets himself a new goal every day.

Everett has been all about science and magic tricks lately.  The science is cool and everything, but I love watching how the magic makes him come alive. He’s getting really, really good at the slight-of-hand stuff, as well as things like forcing cards (says his unbiased mom) and I’m so enjoying getting to watch him perform and improve.

And Tegan…. honestly, is there anyone busier than a 4 year old?  With Tegan, I just need to show up, and keep up.  Whether it’s drawing, or singing, or playing board games, or Barbies, or ponies, or dress-up, or acting out her most recent favorite scene from one of her TV shows… she keeps me on my toes, and in the present moment.

And it’s a beautiful place to be.

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8 Responses to Unschooling, Today

  1. Plus…you have been watching Friends!!!

  2. Wow, I’m so looking forward to having the same environment ))) I have a 3.5 yo girl, 10 m old boy and a first trimester belly ))) Planning on unschooling, thank you for all your posts! They are inspiring and take my fears away ))) I can’t wait to see my kids grow and evolve into “themselves” the way they want to be )))

  3. crissy

    everything looks so pretty!

  4. Miranda ROller

    I just found your blog today. I’m a “lazy” homeschooler and am looking into jumping into unschooling. The only thing that is tough for me when looking into radical unschooling is the moral relativity. As a Christian, I’ve been having trouble reconciling how we parent, live and love with the typical radical unschooling lifestyle. This is a journey I guess, and I need to let go of my need to fit into a box. Thank you for being honest. I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂