Hacking Your Education, by Dale J Stephens


“I’m not arguing against schools.  I’m writing in favor of choices.”  ~ Dale Stephens

And choices is exactly what this book is about.  More choices than you likely ever thought possible.  This is not a book for someone who’s content to follow the status quo, content to be a product of the “system”, or content to stick to the (seemingly) tried and true course to higher education.

No, this is a book for those who want to take charge of their own education.  Those who aren’t afraid of following their own passions.  Those who want to chart their own course.

Dale J Stephens is a grown unschooler who, at the age of 20, founded UnCollege.org to help those who want to eschew the traditional path of college and instead continue to learn and live on their own terms, unschooler-style.  He helps people learn how to design their own uniquely individual educational experiences (and ultimately, their own uniquely individual lives.)

Drawing from his own experiences, and the true stories of countless others, he gives the reader everything he needs to know to begin taking action… from identifying your talents, to formulating a game plan and keeping yourself accountable, to finding mentors and teachers, to networking, to learning from travel, to taking advantage of (mostly free!) educational resources.

What I absolutely love about this book is that it isn’t all theory and no substance, so it doesn’t leave you shaking your head going, “Well that sounds marvelous, but how do I do it??”

He tells you how to do it. 

Every single chapter includes what he calls The Hack of the Day, a list of practical things you can do right now to start taking control of your education and your life.  Some are simple, and some require some fortitude.  ALL are do-able.  Warning:  He will challenge you, and he will push you out of your comfort zone.  Hacking Your Education is not for those who like to sit around and wait for life to happen.  It’s for those who have the courage to get out there and MAKE it happen.  My only wish is that this book had been around two decades ago when I was wasting my parents’ money on a college education that I ultimately decided wasn’t right for me.   Thankfully my own kids can learn from my mistakes, and from the experiences of people like Dale J Stephens.

If you’re young and thinking about college (or, really, even if you’re old and NOT thinking about college) read it, and be inspired.  I dare you.

Hacking Your Education is available on Amazon, starting today.

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  1. Great book! I linked up to your review of it this week : )

  2. Alessia

    Very interesting, Jen! I have to check it out! Thank you!:-)