Feb 04

sick days and links

I spent yesterday in bed, caught by what was either the kids’ flu, or my body’s way of telling me,  “Woman!  Rest! Here, have some body aches and chills and nausea, in case you get any wild ideas about not listening.”

So I rested, watched Party of Five re-runs until I was sick of them (waists were really high in 1994), and let my beautiful 9 year old bring me mug after mug of tea.  As a side note, if you’re looking for a single-cup coffee maker, skip the Keurig.  The Bunn MCU changed.  my.  life.

I also, when I wasn’t dozing off, got all caught up on my interwebs reading.  Here’s a list of some of the best things to grace my screen this week:

perspective, attitude, and poop –  This changed my life too, mainly because I’m forever more going to amuse myself by thinking that the person who’s being awful to me must just be really constipated. A good reminder to keep our perspective.

The Tiger Mother:  race, success, and lessons on the wrong thing – I’m not sure when I stumbled onto this blog, but it’s lovely and interesting.  This was a very unschooly perspective on what’s truly important in life (from someone who’s neither a mother nor an unschooler)

A Note About Philip Seymour Hoffman:  Addiction is Not Selfish – I was sad that such a talented actor lost his battle with addiction this week.  I found this to be a good reminder of what addiction is, and is not.

Russell Brand:  my life without drugs – And so was this, in a very intimate, up-close and personal way.

Online Connections:  Do They Count?  – Spoiler alert:  Yes, yes they do!

I Don’t Have to Be a Mom if I Don’t Want to – An important read if you’ve ever had one of those days when you just want to run away from it all.  Warning:  Liberal use of the F word :)

13 Examples of People Being Awesome in the Middle of the Atlanta Traffic Jam – To restore your faith in humanity. Because, kindness.

And finally, since I shared about depression the last time I wrote, here’s a little animation that does a great job explaining what it’s like, with a hopeful message of recovery as well.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!



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  1. Karen Lee

    Wow, I REALLY like that post about Phillip Seymour Hoffman! A very insightful wake up to see “the addict” as a hurting, real person who really doesn’t want to die alone and lonely in a bathroom with a needle in their arm. Thanks for sharing!

    1. pathlesstaken

      You’re welcome!! Wasn’t that good? Best thing that I read on the subject for sure.

      1. Karen Lee

        I know. I’m gonna pass it on to my husband to read. He works in this field and finds the same kind of misunderstandings and judgments to be rampant. It is so easy to judge that which we have never struggled with. The best book I ever read on it was called Dropping Your Rock. Brilliant! (Oh, and the above comment was me, lol! I was trying to work out how to use this Disqus thing!)

  2. Jenna

    I feel so flattered you linked to me. :)

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