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Jul 25


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A few weeks ago, I confessed to a few trusted friends that I was exhausted.  Stressed, burnt-out, and just generally floundering at the end of my mental and emotional rope. As is usually the case, it was a relief to simply talk about it, and I felt a little lighter as I went about the …

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Jul 19

We ALL Need Boundaries – some thoughts on my nanny response, one week later


  “Nauseating.” Nauseating.  That’s one of the most recent comments I’ve read in response to my 5 (Alternative) Reasons post, which has since become my single most viewed, and most shared, post of all time.  Truth be told, I’ve grown sort of fond of the one-word critiques. They’re succinct, to-the-point, and require no attention on …

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Jul 10

A Culture of Love


I’m thrilled to bring you another guest post from my good friend Alice.  She previously wrote for my blog here, here and here.  Thanks Alice!  I’m always happy to share your words. Six months ago, my husband and I packed up our house and our 5 kids and moved to Turkey.  Although he’s been military …

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Jul 07

5 (Alternative) Reasons Modern-Day Parenting is in Crisis

It’s happened again.  A parenting article gone viral, one that has the mainstream masses rising from their seats in raucous applause…. and the rest of us shaking our collective heads.  In the article 5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting is in Crisis, a nanny (I think that’s important to note. She’s writing it as a nanny, not …

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Jul 05

Chasing Your Passion


I don’t really remember what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was six.   Sure, I have fleeting memories of pretending I was Wonder Woman for a time in Kindergarten, and later on, Spiderman (apparently super heroes were a big thing for me).  I remember being enthralled with the movie, Splash, …

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Jun 17

Flexi Clip Giveaway


It has been a really long time since I’d done a giveaway on my blog, so when Mary Vogel (who’s also, coincidentally, my mom) asked if I’d help her out with her new business, I said “sure!” Have you tried Flexi Clips yet? Flexi Clips, by Lilla Rose, are a unique hair solution that are …

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Jun 13

Book Review: Jesus, the Gentle Parent by L.R. Knost


    “We are our children’s first experience of God.  How we treat them, how we respond to them, what we model for them, those are all images of parenthood that are imprinted on our children’s hearts from the moment of birth, and they will carry those images with them for life.  God’s unconditional love, …

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Jun 03

Big Plans and Sticky Notes


There are sticky notes all over my desk. And when I say “desk”, I mean the corner of the kitchen counter that I’ve commandeered for my laptop, because there’s no longer any more room on my desk.   I fear the additional weight of a single sticky note would send the whole thing crumbling like …

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May 30

Giving Our Children Everything They Want….

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  Ah, the negative parenting meme.  Reinforcing stereotypes, giving in to the myth of the “spoiled child”, and keeping parents stuck in a cycle of further disconnect from their children. It doesn’t have to be that way.  Parenting can be positive.  Joyful.  It can come from an open place of love, not from a place …

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May 19

What is Good Parenting?


I have been thinking about this for a few days now, ever since I shared a post about the family that was given a “well-behaved child” discount on their restaurant bill.   I was not a fan of the idea, for a variety of reasons (and for the record, all four of my kids are …

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