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Jan 27

2 AM

Photo credit:  espensorvik

I scroll through the Netflix menu, only half seeing it through sleepy eyes.  They seem to have added a whole slew of Lifetime TV movies, and I find something oddly nostalgic and comforting about that, bad acting and all. I carefully re-stack my pillows under my right arm.  I’m basically cocooned in pillows at this …

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Jan 26

I love God. I love my husband. And I still wear yoga pants in public.

Photo credit:  Lynn Friedman

Every so often, I find myself frustrated because I keep hearing little comments, seeing little blurbs, or catching glimpses of headlines and don’t know what everyone’s talking about.  I’ve seen enough to know that whatever it is that’s making its furious circuit around social media is a “thing”, but I don’t know enough to actually …

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Jan 20

Q & A – Chores

The first of my Q & A videos is live! I started with chores, because it seems to be a pretty universal question. I have a lot more questions to answer in future videos, but if you have more, feel free to send ‘em!

Jan 15

Things That Didn’t Happen Today…. (More Unschooling Misconceptions)


Today was a typical unschooling day. I hesitate to use the word, “typical” (and I use it loosely) because I feel like there’s really no such thing. A typical day would depend on me, it would depend on the kids, it would depend on the season and how active we were wanting to be, it …

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Jan 12

Choosing Joy

I made a little video.  I’ve never made a video like this (and don’t plan to do it again) but I don’t know…. I started thinking about talking about fear, and I kept seeing the words in my head as little blurbs instead of one long written-out thing. I apologize for the unprofessional-looking video, but …

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Jan 08

Why We Need To Keep Talking About Leelah Alcorn

Leelah Alcorn, 1997-2014

I’ll be 41 in 2 days. Even at 41, it still stings when I get disapproval from my parents.  At this point, it’s stupid little things:  they don’t like my nose ring, or that I gauged my ears.  They stopped being excited about my tattoos after number 2 or 3. They hated my dreadlocks for …

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Jan 02

2014 Top Ten

I love looking back at my year of blogging. 2014 was a bit of a strange one, in that I didn’t spend as much time posting as I had in years’ past.  Life sort of went in a different direction for awhile there.  Still, it is heartwarming and encouraging to see that you guys still …

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Dec 31

A Quick New Year Post

Sears Kay Ruins, December 28, 2014

It’s 3 hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve. We just finished a late dinner of Mexican food, and as has been fitting for our culinary theme lately… the first restaurant we tried (and had had our heart set on) was closed, and then the second sent us home missing one of our entries. Thankfully …

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Dec 15

Saying No to Say Yes


It’s a week and a half before Christmas, which is always…. tricky. I adore Christmas.  Love it.  Love the spirit. Love giving presents. Love the lights. Love the food. Love the Christmas cookies. Love hanging out with my family. But it can be so BUSY, which, if left unchecked, can lead to stressful.  Exhausting. The …

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Dec 07

Q & A – Should I Just Let Her Play?


  Once upon a time, I decided I’d devote a day of every week to answering some of the many questions I get about unschooling and/or gentle parenting.  And for a few weeks in a row, I even succeeded.  But, well, life happens, and it’s been many many weeks.   I’m excited to bring it …

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