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Nov 17



Just over three weeks ago, I had surgery on my shoulder.  It was a revision for a previous surgery, 2 years ago this month.  The whole thing started in May of 2012, and the only reason I’ll always remember that is that it was Mother’s Day weekend, and we’d spent the weekend camping with friends. …

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Nov 14

Ten Tips for Happier Living With Your Teenager


I love teenagers. I’m lucky enough to have two (so far) of my own, but I love getting to borrow other people’s teens as well. Teens are awesome.  They’re smart and funny and interesting, and some of the most multi-faceted people I know.  One minute they have more maturity than an adult …. and the …

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Nov 10

Being a Parent AND a Friend: Why I’ll Never Separate The Two

As an advocate of homeschooling, I forever hear the question, “But what about socialization?” and am inevitably filled with frustration. It’s not the asker’s fault of course, but it is a question born of a lack of understanding. A lack of understanding about homeschooling, and an even larger lack of understanding of the word “socialization.” …

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Oct 22

If You Can’t Say Something Nice: Learning to Keep Quiet About Others’ Appearance

Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating. By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are. ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer Guilty. Let me just start there. I’m not proud of it by any means, but I’m guilty. Someone will post …

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Oct 16

Book Review: Gentle Firmness by Stephanie Cox


It is clear that fear is the main effect of spanking, no matter how it is done. Believing that God wants children to be hit often leads many children to struggle with their relationships with God or to be so afraid of Him that they totally reject Him. ~ Stephanie Cox Gentle Firmness, by Stephanie …

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Oct 15

Free To Be 2014 – Day Four


Sunday, like the last day of pretty much any big event, was bittersweet.  There was still flood-related scrambling on Sunday because in addition to losing a couple of rooms that were still soggy, a  miscommunication had meant that a wedding was scheduled and taking place in the majority of our upstairs rooms as well.  Some talks …

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Oct 14

Free To Be 2014 – Day Three

Photo by Kiera Cook

Day Three – Saturday – is at once the hardest and yet most interesting day to write about.  It was the busiest of all four days, and arguably the most memorable.  Besides the violent monsoon and the subsequent flooding (I’ll get to those later) it was an emotionally taxing day for me personally, so very …

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Oct 12

Free To Be 2014 – Day Two


Like Thursday, Friday started (at least for me) bright and early at 6:00.  I sadly missed breakfast again, but I did get to grab some coffee before yoga.  I also got to hide in the art room for almost an hour until I was called away, while I helped kids fancy up their fingernails. Bliss. …

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Oct 09

Free To Be 2014 – Day One

Photo by Alicia Gonzalez

Life is not a bubble (which, by the way, if you’ve never been to one, an unschooling conference is exactly that:  a giant, 4 day, unschooling bubble) so the time since the conference has been quickly ticking away on me… one appointment, one bill, one trip to the grocery store at a time.  Like most …

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Oct 03

Free To Be 2014, Part One: It Was More


One week from yesterday, we woke up bright and early at the Embassy Suites, and began the first day of our conference that was over a year in the making. I really believed that I wouldn’t want to talk/write/or think about it for a good long while after it was over.  I need to rest, …

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