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Nov 16

2016 Erin Condren Life Planner Giveaway


I am a pen and paper girl. Electronics and computers and phone apps have their place of course, but when it comes to calendars and schedules and to-do lists I need to write it down. I’ve tried all the apps (and some of them are amazing, to be sure), but without fail I always go …

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Nov 10

Free to Be 2015

Last year, I devoted four long, detailed posts to the conference… how it went, how I felt about it, what it meant to me. I’m in a different place this year, with different things going on, and different things currently taking my attention.  So, no four part posts, but if you haven’t seen it yet, …

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Nov 09

An Apology

So, it’s been brought to my attention that I “write regularly to condemn other Christians for what (I) see as flaws in their character.” This was not on a recent post (in case you go looking for it, which is exactly what I would do), but an old one.  You guys widely shared my Starbucks …

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Nov 08

Silly Christians, Cups Are For Coffee


Take a good, deep cleansing breath.  (In through your nose, out through the mouth for the uninitiated.) Let me just start there. People can get a little… is there a polite way to say tightly wound?… this time of year, and taking a good step back, a good stock on our priorities, and essentially getting …

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Oct 21

Before She’s Famous

Tegan, age seven at the time of this writing, wants to be famous when she grows up.  It’s not even that she wants to now that I’m thinking about it.  It’s that she believes, with every fiber of her being, that she will be famous.   Sometimes it’s for singing, sometimes for acting….. and sometimes …

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Oct 14

On Being a Straight, Christian Ally

  Sunday, October 11th was National Coming Out Day.  At first I thought the day would pass by largely unrecognized, at least by myself.  I mean, I didn’t have any sort of coming out to do.  I’m a straight, 41 year old mom who’s been married forever, and I’ve been pretty open about where I …

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Sep 21


Photo Credit:  Ivo Ivov

I’ve been sick for the past six months. I’ll spare you my laundry list of symptoms, both because it’s boring and because I’m so tired of thinking about it, but they concerned my doctor enough to order a CT, an ultrasound, and blood work, and eventually led her to send me to an oncologist. HE …

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Sep 14

You NEED This Mug (Mighty Mug Review & Giveaway)


Confession:  I have ruined more than one laptop due to a spilled drink. In my defense, at least one of those instances (the instance that will heretofore be referred to as “the red wine incident”) wasn’t actually ME that did the spilling, but one of my lovely offspring. But still, liquids and electronics don’t generally …

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Aug 31

Six Things I Hope My Daughter Learns From Miley Cyrus

Photo credit:  Vijat Mohindra

Two years ago, when Miley Cyrus debuted her infamous, gyrating, Blurred Lines performance at the VMAs, I (I’m sorry to say) responded like a host of other people.  With an aghast, “What on God’s green earth did I JUST WATCH??”  I felt traumatized. For me, it was never about the overt sexuality of the performance.  It just …

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Aug 28

Fifteen Years


Paxton turns fifteen today.  I woke up in a panic yesterday, because I’d remembered that I’d made slideshows for the other three this year, so that meant that I needed to make one for Paxton too.  And it wasn’t that I didn’t want to…. I love doing it. But it positively guts me. My mama …

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