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Mar 25

An Open Letter To Phil Robertson Supporters


To my fellow Christians, I’ve never been a fan of Duck Dynasty.  Let me just admit my bias right up front and start there. I watched the show once – well before all the controversial headlines – and I would rather walk barefoot through a forest of Legos than be subjected to watching it again. …

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Mar 16

Mom Guilt, And Why You Need To Lose It

Photo Credit:  Nina H

Last week, another blogger whose opinion I greatly respect and admire, posted an update that read in part: I will never, ever forgive myself for allowing my precious baby to be circumcised. I don’t believe I should ever be forgiven by anybody for it. The buck stops here. I genuinely think it was the first …

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Mar 13

How I Learned to Read: Four Unschooled Kids, Four Stories


One of the first concerns of those new to the idea of unschooling is one of a basic skill: Reading. How they will learn to read without lessons?  Without phonics?  Without spelling tests and quizzes?  How will they learn to read if you don’t teach them?   Well, some of the beauty of unschooling is that …

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Mar 10

Computers, Technology, and the Language of the Future


I was at Target the other day (buying a new broom, because my current broom was about a jillion years old and produced far more frustration than it did actual cleaning) and I overheard a conversation between a Target associate and a rather befuddled-looking older gentleman in the electronics department.    In a discussion that …

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Mar 05

I’m Pretty


Last night when she was getting ready for dance class, Tegan looked in the mirror and said (as matter-of-factly as if she were commenting on the weather), “I’m pretty.” “You’re very pretty,” I told her, and the words came easily and confidently, not just as her mother but also as a human being who knows …

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Mar 03

Q & A – What Do You Do When The Other Parent Isn’t On Board?


  Carrie asks, What are your suggestions when the other parent isn’t on board with unschooling and gentle parenting? First, an example of what not to do: Several years ago, my family went to an unschooling conference in San Diego.  We’d been unschooling for many years, but the inspiration and experienced words you hear at …

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Feb 28

Dear Parents: Don’t Be An Asshole


Last night, before I went to bed, I read another article about the latest parent to publicly shame their child as so-called discipline.  Because the parent’s humiliating and degrading behavior was not enough on its own, photographic evidence of said “discipline” was then splashed about on social media as though it was entertainment.  Thousands of …

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Feb 22


unnamed (18)

And three days later, I’m without words once again. The thing about Tegan is that when she was born, she brought what we didn’t even know was missing from our family. We were so happy with the three boys. Our family was lovely and wonderful and joyous… but it just wasn’t complete. And her presence …

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Feb 19



Today Spencer turns eighteen.  Every year on the kids’ birthdays, I write a special post about them, or make a list about why they’re awesome, or write them a public letter.  This year though, I’m at a loss. What can I possibly say that would do him, and this moment, justice?  What can I say …

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Feb 17

Q & A – My Child Calls Me Mean


Chelsea asks: How can I move past my children calling me, “mean”?  I’ve stopped yelling, and I’m working to be a more gentle parent.  But my four year old gets very aggressive when he’s excited or disappointed or angry, and he lashes out at me. First, awesome job on quitting the yelling!  It takes work …

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