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Jan 20

New Years and Fresh Starts


2015 wasn’t my most favorite year. There were some big stressors. There was physical pain. There were chronic medical issues. There were dozens of appointments and tests and procedures that accompanied said medical issues. There was depression, its good friend anxiety, and their frequent cohort insomnia. And of course – absolutely – 2015 had its …

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Jan 03

5 Phrases To Use When Your Child Is Having a Hard Time


There’s an article getting passed around on social media right now titled, “5 Phrases That Will Make Your Kids Stop Crying and Begging.”  The author sets the stage of a child who’s upset because she wasn’t allowed to get the candy she wanted at the grocery store.  Using phrases such as “Asked and answered,”  “This …

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Dec 29

2015 Top Ten Posts


It’s somehow four days after Christmas, and nearly the new year.  Christmas was lovely and very low-key.  And now, as I look forward to 2016 (and this year, more than ever, I am REALLY looking forward to a new year) I’m taking the few minutes to put 2015 – at least the blog version of …

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Dec 14

The Biggest Thing I Wish People Understood About Depression

Photo by Lloyd Morgan

It’s 11 days before Christmas.  It’s 8:00 in the morning, raining outside, and cozy and dark where I sit in the living room.  The 18 year old is up, but the rest of the kids are still in bed where they’ll remain for the next several hours.   I have my coffee and my laptop, …

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Dec 02

Instead of Punishment: Where to Start

You've decided to stop spanking.Now what-

  I have four kids who’ve never been spanked.  I would like to say that they’ve never been punished at all, but while we’d resolved from the very beginning not to physically hurt our children, moving away from punishments completely took a little more time.  Thankfully, our youngest three have grown up with no punishments …

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Nov 16

2016 Erin Condren Life Planner Giveaway


I am a pen and paper girl. Electronics and computers and phone apps have their place of course, but when it comes to calendars and schedules and to-do lists I need to write it down. I’ve tried all the apps (and some of them are amazing, to be sure), but without fail I always go …

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Nov 10

Free to Be 2015

Last year, I devoted four long, detailed posts to the conference… how it went, how I felt about it, what it meant to me. I’m in a different place this year, with different things going on, and different things currently taking my attention.  So, no four part posts, but if you haven’t seen it yet, …

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Nov 09

An Apology

So, it’s been brought to my attention that I “write regularly to condemn other Christians for what (I) see as flaws in their character.” This was not on a recent post (in case you go looking for it, which is exactly what I would do), but an old one.  You guys widely shared my Starbucks …

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Nov 08

Silly Christians, Cups Are For Coffee


Take a good, deep cleansing breath.  (In through your nose, out through the mouth for the uninitiated.) Let me just start there. People can get a little… is there a polite way to say tightly wound?… this time of year, and taking a good step back, a good stock on our priorities, and essentially getting …

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Oct 21

Before She’s Famous

Tegan, age seven at the time of this writing, wants to be famous when she grows up.  It’s not even that she wants to now that I’m thinking about it.  It’s that she believes, with every fiber of her being, that she will be famous.   Sometimes it’s for singing, sometimes for acting….. and sometimes …

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