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Apr 13

Following Water and Watching Ants…


A stomach bug is currently trying to take over our household, and as completely miserable as that is (seriously, how utterly lousy is a stomach bug??) the forced break and sort of “reset” on life is timely and important. Tegan was sad to have missed a fun field trip on Friday, I had to cancel …

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Nov 22

How (and why) I opted out of being the meanest mom in the world


  People often send me parenting articles that they come across on the internet, wanting to know my take on them.  This one (titled How (and why) to be the meanest mom in the world) landed in my inbox just last night, and I knew immediately I’d have to write about it. First, it’s a list.  I’m …

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Nov 18

Child Abuse Cloaked in “Christian Discipline”… Another Death at the Hands of Pearl Followers

I am writing this as my children sleep. My four children, who, while they’ve surely never had perfect parents, have never had parents that they’ve feared.   I wish, I so badly wish, that that was the case in all homes.  I wish that all well-meaning parents who loved their children would just – at a …

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Sep 10

Muddy Bathrooms: More Lessons from my Daughter


It rained yesterday. It rained HARD. It was the kind of much-needed ridiculous, relentless, driving rain that gave us exactly two options: Play in it, or hole up inside for a day of Netflix-watching and eating stuff. We did both. When we came inside, I was hit with a heavy case of the Mondays, and …

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Aug 19

Asked and Answered


I recently put out a call for questions.  Questions about unschooling, parenting, me, my blog, whatever you’d like … and you guys rose to the occasion!  Here’s the first batch of questions and answers, and the first of what I hope will become a regular feature on my blog.  If you have questions, send em, and …

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Jul 25

Slowing Down


My kids are my greatest teachers. One of the biggest lessons that my daughter has taught me (and continues to teach me, again and again) is to slow the heck down.  Breathe.  Live in the moment.  Forget about life’s distractions.  It’s strange to me, an introverted homebody, that this is a lesson I would so …

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Jul 08

On Being a Quitter


I stand in front of you a quitter, and an unabashed one at that. Just a few of the bigger things I’ve quit in the past couple of decades: I quit college when I realized it wasn’t the right path for me.   I was going to college for all the wrong reasons (mostly having to …

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Jun 27

Just Wait Till Your Kids Are Teens


“Just wait till your kids are teens.” “It’s different with teens, you’ll see.” “You know what TEENS are like!” The above are just a few of the (paraphrased) comments I’ve gotten from readers who don’t realize that I already have teenagers.  They’ll be negative and condescending and almost … smug … when they say things …

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Jun 03

Keep Your Cool (and read this book)


I was excited when I heard that Flo Gascon had written a parenting book.  I know Flo, and her parenting style based on kindness and connection was one I’d long admired.  I knew even before I started reading that it would be filled with valuable information for both new and seasoned moms alike. I was …

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Apr 17

How Would Jesus Parent?


Before I had kids, I never thought about what kind of parent I would be. It seems almost inconceivable to me now, given what a defining role that motherhood would come to play in my life, but it’s true. It simply never entered my mind. Until the very moment my first son was born, I …

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