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Dec 07

Q & A – Should I Just Let Her Play?


  Once upon a time, I decided I’d devote a day of every week to answering some of the many questions I get about unschooling and/or gentle parenting.  And for a few weeks in a row, I even succeeded.  But, well, life happens, and it’s been many many weeks.   I’m excited to bring it …

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Oct 15

Free To Be 2014 – Day Four


Sunday, like the last day of pretty much any big event, was bittersweet.  There was still flood-related scrambling on Sunday because in addition to losing a couple of rooms that were still soggy, a  miscommunication had meant that a wedding was scheduled and taking place in the majority of our upstairs rooms as well.  Some talks …

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Oct 14

Free To Be 2014 – Day Three

Photo by Kiera Cook

Day Three – Saturday – is at once the hardest and yet most interesting day to write about.  It was the busiest of all four days, and arguably the most memorable.  Besides the violent monsoon and the subsequent flooding (I’ll get to those later) it was an emotionally taxing day for me personally, so very …

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Oct 12

Free To Be 2014 – Day Two


Like Thursday, Friday started (at least for me) bright and early at 6:00.  I sadly missed breakfast again, but I did get to grab some coffee before yoga.  I also got to hide in the art room for almost an hour until I was called away, while I helped kids fancy up their fingernails. Bliss. …

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Oct 09

Free To Be 2014 – Day One

Photo by Alicia Gonzalez

Life is not a bubble (which, by the way, if you’ve never been to one, an unschooling conference is exactly that:  a giant, 4 day, unschooling bubble) so the time since the conference has been quickly ticking away on me… one appointment, one bill, one trip to the grocery store at a time.  Like most …

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Oct 03

Free To Be 2014, Part One: It Was More


One week from yesterday, we woke up bright and early at the Embassy Suites, and began the first day of our conference that was over a year in the making. I really believed that I wouldn’t want to talk/write/or think about it for a good long while after it was over.  I need to rest, …

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Aug 19

Q & A – Unschooling Basics


  Every Tuesday, I’ll choose a handful of questions to answer here on my blog, as long as the questions last. Want to ask me about unschooling or parenting or anything else I write about (which is, uh, pretty much everything)? Send them here, or post on my Facebook page.   This week, it’s all …

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Aug 15

I Don’t Care Where Your Kids Go To School

Tegan is excited for another year of "Not Back To School"

  It’s mid-August. For lots of people, mid-August means back-to-school-shopping.  It means new clothes and new backpacks and new haircuts.  It means family traditions or special breakfasts, and fresh-faced smiling pictures in front of the fireplace, or the house, or out on the sidewalk.  It means kids excited to continue seeing their friends, and excited …

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Jan 07

Bedtimes, Limits, and Baby Steps

  I recently received an email that asked a couple of great questions that really spoke to a larger issue, one that gets brought up a lot.   There are two things I’m wondering if you can help me understand. I’ve read your posts on no tv limits and no bedtime. At what age did …

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Nov 14

Q & A – Deciding to Unschool, and My Hopes For My Children


  I’ve really been enjoying answering questions this week!  If you have questions, feel free to send them either here or on my FB page.   Just let me know if you’d rather I’d answer you privately (and please be patient… sometimes there just aren’t enough hours :)) Without further ado:   What lead you …

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