I usually don’t post anything on the weekends, in part because I’m too busy running to and fro and hanging out with my family… and in part because I just need a break.  But today, I decided that from now on (or until I get tired of it), Sundays will be for posting about what I’m thankful for that week, both large and small.  After the sort of negative space I’ve been in lately, I need it… and maybe some of you reading need it too.  They may be large or small, lighthearted or serious.   And I hope you’ll join me!

So without further ado, the top five things I’m thankful for this week (in no particular order):


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2 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Bonnie

    Love it! I’ll do it too!

    • jen

      I just added a linky thing to the bottom… if you write your own post, come back and link it up! 🙂