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Six Months of Bullet Journaling

You know how sometimes you try something new, and you jump in with both feet, all excited and gung-ho?  And you love it and you gush about it, and then…. two weeks later it’s completely lost its luster, and gets relegated to the “tried it, didn’t like it” pile?  And how sometimes, you try something new, and you jump in with both feet, all excited and gung-ho?  And you love it and gush about it and then… you only love it more and more as time goes on?

For me, bullet journaling has been the latter.

I honestly have never found anything that so beautiful combines my love of: lists, organization, calendars, creativity, planners, journals, crafty/doodly/artistic stuff, and my not-so-secret true love:  stationery products.  Sigh.  Pen and paper.  It just doesn’t get better.  It is not an exaggeration to say that bullet journaling has quite literally changed my life.

I first wrote about my bullet journaling experience here (so definitely check that out if you prefer words to videos.) But for those who want to go even deeper, I walked through my past six months in video.

My obligatory disclaimer… There are decidedly two camps in the bullet journal world:  Those who are purists, I guess you’d say, and keep their journals very simple and streamlined, and similar to the original system started by Ryder Carroll.  Then there are those who use them just as much as scrapbooks as journals, and utilize them as artistic outlets as well.  THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG.  Seriously.  I have seen the silliest arguments and drama and huffiness from both sides.  The world is big enough for all kinds of bullet journals, I promise.  I’m quite confident we can co-exist.

In fact the best part about bullet journaling is its flexibility and its ability to be customized.  You build it one page at a time.  Don’t like something you’ve done?  Turn the page and do it differently next time.  Feel like adding a page for weight loss, or a savings plan, or a fitness regimen, or a shopping and meal plan?  Just stick it in wherever you’re at, and add it to the index.  Literally anything can be translated into a page in a bullet journal.  I of course have many lists and collections and trackers that I did not share in the video (I figure telling you about my stomach issues is enough personal sharing for one video. :))

In short, bullet journals just rock.

Having said all that, here is the video, followed by all the links to my favorite supplies, including everything I mentioned in the video (there are affiliate links).  And one last disclaimer!  All of the below is OPTIONAL.  All you need to start is a pen or pencil, and a notebook.

Happy journaling!


The original bullet journal site – a great place to start

Boho Berry – This is where I got the circular mood tracker.  Kara is incredibly artistic, and has tons of videos, inspiration, and ideas.

Leuchtturm Dotted Journal, Emerald – I have mine covered in a leather cover from Etsy

Sharpie Fine Point Pens, Black

Sharpie Fine Point Pens, Colored

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners

A good starter set of inexpensive colored fineliners

Staedtler Dual Tip Colored Markers

Pentel Energel Gel Pen

Pigma Micron Pen Set

Pitt Artist Pens

Tombow brush pens, bright

Derwent Watercolor Pencils

My favorite kneaded eraser

Acrylic Ruler

Sticky Note Page Markers

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