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This is a collection of some of my most-viewed, most shared, and often most-controversial, posts of all time.


Top Five:

1.  5 (Alternative) Reasons Modern-Day Parenting Is In Crisis

2.  Six Things My Kids Are Allowed To Say To Adults

3.  ‘Happy Holidays’ and other four letter words

4.  My Promise To My Children

5.  Why My Kids Will Never Be Socialized


More about:

5 Phrases To Use When Your Child Is Having a Hard Time

How (and why) I opted out of being the meanest mom in the world

Ten Tips For Happier Living With Your Teenager

So I Hit Him

Your kids are communicating with you, not manipulating you

Gentle Discipline: So What DO You Do?


Not My Idea of a Hero

Children Are Not Baked Goods

Why I Don’t Pick My Battles

The Black and White of Spanking

52 Ways to Have a Time-In

Mom’s Rules

The Boy Named Johnny

Is It Okay To Let Your Child Cry?

Just Wait Till Your Kids Are Teens

Why I don’t cry (or yell) over spilled milk

I stole your stuff.  Now I’m holding it for ransom.

Five words and phrases we need to stop saying about moms and motherhood

Food, Freedom, and Why I Stopped Using The Phrase, “Clean Eating”

Dear Parents:  Don’t Be An Asshole

Twelve Ways To Raise Children That Are Generous And Kind

Surprises *This post was not written by me.  It is a guest post by my brilliant friend Alice.  It got nearly 5000 views, and has absolutely earned its spot in the list. 🙂



It’s that time of year again, folks

So You’re Thinking of Homeschooling

Unschooling:  Don’t You Worry That They’ll Miss Something?

Unschooling, Christianity, and Other Misconceptions

Unschooling FAQ

The Five R’s For New Homeschoolers

Unschooling, According to the Kids

Does Unschooling Mean Anything Goes?

Christian Unschooling, Part One;  Part Two: Freedom;  Part Three: Humble Yourself Like a Child;  Part Four:  That Pesky Word, ‘Radical’

How I Learned To Read:  Four Unschooled Kids, Four Stories



Dear Chick Fil A, I Love You But

I Am Not a Christian

Child Abuse Cloaked as “Christian Discipline”… Another Death at the Hands of Pearl Followers

And They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Judgment, Arrogance, and Intolerance

Silly Christians, Cups Are For Coffee

I Won’t Throw Stones…. Unless You’re LGBT




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