40 For 40

Today, I turn 40.


This is 40

This is 40

I haven’t done New Year’s resolutions for a long time (although some of what follows will definitely sound resolution-ish) but I do so love a list of goals.  This year, as I approached 40 and my brain started tickling with all the new things I wanted to experience this year, I decided that a “40 for 40” list was in order.

It’s a year of celebrating me.  Of self-care.  Of creativity.  Of honoring the 40 years I’ve been on this planet.  40 years is a long time, and yet…. God willing, sooo much life still ahead of me! So much to do and see and try and taste and experience.

40 is also the year that I let go of the last few holds of perfectionism.  The need to DO ALL THE THINGS, and do them all “right.”  To that end, if I don’t do something on the list, it’s okay!  If I decide I don’t want to do something after all, that’s okay too. Maybe it’ll get added to the 41 for 41 list.  Or maybe it’ll get replaced with something even better.  I have no doubt that it will all work out exactly the way it’s supposed to.

And without further ado, my list (and my commentary):


  1. Start gauging my earsMainly because it’s just something I always wanted to try.  So I did, a week ago today.  I’m a tiny little 14 gauge right now, and plan to go up to 0.
  2. Get another tattooThat’s done too!  Thanks to my lovely friend Erika coming to visit at the last minute. Tattoos are always better when you go with a buddy!  It made tattoo #5.
  3. Take a karate class Another thing I always wanted to do.  My class started on Wednesday.  It is fun and fast paced, and so much harder than I thought it would be!  It made me feel so clumsy and uncoordinated, it’s amazing I can put my own pants on in the morning.  I was telling my sister, who is taking the class with me, that it’s a good thing I waited till now to take it.  The old me would have been too intimidated, too embarrassed to go back after my muddled first attempt… but the current me is shouting, “YEAH!  A challenge!!”  I can’t wait to learn more!
  4. Go back to school – I’ve taken various classes over the past several years, took a nutrition program, earned my RYT to teach yoga, etc.  Earning a degree has never held any importance for me (and it still doesn’t), but ASU recently expanded their online offerings, and I found something called Healthy Lifestyle Coaching which combines fitness, nutrition, yoga, anatomy… all those things I get super geeked about, all in one major. And well, given the fact that I get a ridiculous discount since Mike works for them, I just couldn’t NOT do it.
  5. Put on a successful conference I’m not gonna lie.  I’m nervous.  Possibly as nervous as I’ve ever been about anything.
  6. Draw something.  Hang it on my wall.  – I took art classes all through high school, and a few in college.  I liked painting, but I loved drawing and sketching.  Pencil, charcoal, pen and ink… loved.  I’ve missed it.
  7. Knit a project from start to finish – I taught myself to knit a few years ago, but got bored before I actually completed anything.  Thought it’d be fun to pick it up again.
  8. Get back into doing a handstand – even if it’s against a wall.  My shoulder’s ready. And, 
  9. Learn the scorpion pose – They worked on this a bit when I was in my teacher training a year and a half ago, but my shoulder injury dictated that I sit it out.  🙁  Fast forward through surgery, and a L O N G recovery, and I was never able to work on it.  I’m ready for that now, too.
  10. Sit down at the piano, and practice and learn a new song  –  One song, any song. And not just the intro.
  11. Get back down to my drivers license weight – Okay, so, I am the first person to tell you to ignore the scale, don’t focus on numbers… that you should gauge your progress by how you feel, how strong you are, how your clothes fit, etc.  But.  There’s something powerful about having a specific, concrete goal (such as do x number of pushups, or run x number of miles) rather than a general, “get healthy.”  Well, too many pushups blow out my shoulder.  I only run when chased.   But I can control my weight.   Some of the 20 or so pounds I’ve put on over the past few years are due to a changing metabolism for sure… but much was also due to injury, depression, less activity, ::cough:: too much alcohol, and just plain not taking care of myself the way I should.  I won’t beat myself up about the past.  My body has – mostly – served me well exactly the way it is. But I’m ready to do something else with it now.
  12. Finish my parenting book  – It’s time.
  13. Take myself on a date to the movies – Once upon a time, I would have been way too self-conscious and embarrassed to do something like that by myself.  But last year, I accompanied Mike on a trip to Chicago for business, and needed to keep myself occupied when he was busy at his conference.  I went to two movies by myself, and I LOVED IT. Seriously loved it. Like, “Why on earth haven’t I been doing this all along??” loved it.  So I need to do it again.
  14. Spend an afternoon drinking coffee and wandering around Barnes and Noble – Because books.  And coffee.
  15. Re-read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – I was in my early 20’s the first time I read it, and am curious how my 40 year old self will relate in comparison.
  16. Read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking – I’ve only fully embraced my introvert self in the past few years, and have been recommended this book over and over.
  17. Read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Just because everyone’s always shocked that I’ve never read it. So I put it on my “see what the fuss is about” list.
  18. Paint a picture – Hang it on the wall, with my drawing.
  19. Take an overnight trip by myself – I just need to decide who I’m going to visit!
  20. Take an aerial silk class – Because it’s awesome
  21. Learn how to make a really good homemade pad thai – Because it’s delicious
  22. Get some new eye makeup and learn how to use it –  I’m 40, and have no idea how to use makeup.  I’ve been a mascara and lipgloss girl forever, if I can be bothered to use that much.
  23. Spend a day at the zoo, just to take pictures – my favorite place to play with the zoom
  24. Get rid of all my clothes I don’t love/don’t fit – My drawers are stuffed, and I wear just a few favorite things.  This makes no sense?
  25. Hike at least 20 new spots in the valley – It’s sort of criminal that I live here, surrounded by all these great views and hiking trails, and I barely venture out of the house unless it’s in the truck to go off-roading. And, bonus, this is one my family can enjoy with me.
  26. Make a blogging schedule, and stick to it… whether it’s once a week, every day, etc – I try to give up blogging sometimes, but it keeps calling me back…
  27. *Don’t* do Nano, and feel good about skipping it – For the past 4 years, November has meant I was writing like a crazy woman, trying to get in my 50,000 word novel before the month ended. I loved it and hated it and got a lot out of it… but this year I’m focused on other things.
  28. Go to a concert – Christina Perri is coming to Tempe.  I’m a little bit obsessed with her.
  29. Sew something – Finish it.
  30. Make myself a chain mail necklace and/or bracelet – So far I’ve only made them as gifts, but I really love doing it.
  31. Aim to do yoga *every* day… but feel no guilt if I skip it – I need to do this if I’m going to be successful at #8 and #9
  32. Go back to a paper planner, and do this with it. –  I’m on week two so far, and loving it!
  33. Actually cook/bake/create some of the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest – Because there’s too many cool/delicious/fun things on there to let them just languish away on the interwebs.
  34. Get Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese and work my way through it  – Don’t care that’s it’s all carbs and dairy.  Sigh. Garrett of Vanilla Garlic.  I’m a little bit obsessed with him too.  
  35. Get some Earth Boxes and grow some vegetables.  Try not to kill them – I’m sadly the only one in the family who was not blessed with a green thumb.  I kill Christmas cactuses.  I kill things that are supposed to be impossible to kill.  I’m not going to get crazy, but surely maybe I can grow some tomatoes.
  36. Do the purging challenge at least for one month http://www.theminimalists.com/game/ – DO IT.
  37. Take the Personal Trainer test – I’ve had the book for at least a couple of years now.  I just need to study it.
  38. Find a really perfect pair of jeans and a really perfect hoodie – Everyone should have jeans and a hoodie that they really love and feel great in.  I don’t currently have any that fit that criteria.  🙁
  39. Ditto for a skirt – I’m not a skirt person.  But I think it’d be fun to be one sometimes.
  40. Pay off one credit card – Because, ugh.  Enough already.


And there’s my list.  Phew.  I can’t wait to cross the next thing off!  Happy birthday to me.

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5 Responses to 40 For 40

  1. sylvia toyama

    Good list! I’m right there with you on the no green thumb. My house is like a plant hospice. Even the healthy plants die. I do have a couple of iris beds and most years, there are even flowers, but actually in a planter? Yeah, they all die.

  2. Lisa from Iroquois

    Great list. I might just use some of those ideas myself.

  3. Natalie Cobb

    If I might recommend a makeup option… I really love MAC. The women and men who work there are so nice and come from so many varied backgrounds. They just feel so open to me. I think you might enjoy the consultation there, if there’s a MAC store near you.

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