Wear The Purple Polish

The following was recently sent to me by a friend.  I was originally going to use it as a jumping off point for a blog post, until I realized it IS a blog post, all on its own.  We all have our purple nail polish stories.  Or at least I know I do.  Multiple stories in fact.  As an adult, I’m currently trying to wear all the metaphorical purple nail polish that I can, and to shed all those old negative ideas and beliefs and stories that were never even mine to begin with.  And as a parent?  I’m currently trying – with all I’ve got – NOT to be the reason that my children avoid wearing… or trying or thinking or experiencing… anything, based on my own personal biases.  I want them to wear their purple nail polish.  If they so desire, I want them to wear ALL the nail polish. 

I’ve decided to wear purple nail polish as often as possible and I’ll tell you why.

Because one time when I was 13 or so, I wore purple nail polish. Around this same color but minus the glitter. Anyway, my grandma and cousin made a really UNUSUALLY big deal about how ugly it was and it hurt my feelings. 

So a few days ago we were at the store and my daughter asked for this purple nail polish. My gut reaction was to say no because purple nail polish = bad in the ol’ subconscious. Then I realized what my brain was doing and I was like, “You know what? F*** ALL Y’ALL.”

And that’s how something you say to a 13 year old kid can stick around until they’re 36+.
Do the thing. Whether it’s nail polish, or a nose piercing, or writing that novel, or singing that song, or taking that trip, or wearing those damn pants that you love that your mom said made your hips look big.

Do the thing.

“You aren’t scared to do the thing, you are scared to let go of your old story.” ~ from Kyle Cease

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4 Responses to Wear The Purple Polish

  1. Kim Cassidy

    I own purple nail polish.
    In fact it’s on my toes as I type this.
    I’m 52 and I get exactly what your saying. I hid from my family’s criticism for years. The day I turned 50 I said…F*** this shit ,I’m doing what I want . So yes my friend, do your thing !

  2. I 100% agree. I recently dyed my hair blue, it hasn’t been “weird” colored since I was in high school and I missed it. So i did it and I love it. I’ve got 8 piercings in my ears, my belly button and two tattoos. It’s your body, decorate it however you want. I love it. I’m happy and that’s all that matters. Other people’s thoughts on it don’t register to me. My daughter regularly wears spray in pink color in her hair and loves it. She also loves nail polish and regular makeup. She wears it around the house all the time. She begs me put my rainbow highlighter on her cheeks every time I use it. I love that she’s her own person because I am confident enough to do what I like.

  3. Walker


    I thought this would be… interesting… for you to see, since it has a lot to do with conventional parenting. I’m interested as to what you think of it.

    • jen

      There are lots of things that I don’t like about this, but I think the biggest one is this whole idea that our kids somehow owe us, and if they’re guilted into it enough, they’ll eventually realize that and be grateful. :-/ I don’t ever want my kids to feel like that. I want us to have a relationship of mutual appreciation and respect (and we do. :))