Dreadlocks, 26 Months

I am cracking up because 1)  They were extra crazy today because I slept with them in a bun last night,  2) After watching both this video and the one from when they were 8 months, I realized I said many of the same exact things, and 3) A public speaker I am not.  But people are always so curious, so here they are, at just over two years.


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3 Responses to Dreadlocks, 26 Months

  1. How and why do you wash your dreads with baking soda?

    • How: I mix a good heaping tablespoon with a few cups of warm water. Pour it all over, work it through, and let it sit for awhile. Rinse.

      Why: Because it gets them super clean (and keeps them clean a long time) *without* leaving behind any residue like regular shampoo. It’s a great natural way to clean undreaded hair too. 🙂

  2. hippychick

    I’m so glad I found your dread story! I’m 8months in and fretting over my majorly lumpy flat dreads. I googled 8month natural dreads and stumbled onto your site. Our stories sound similar in some ways. It is definitely a journey and I learn something new almost everyday. The opportunity for personal growth is amazing!