Happy Distractions

So, I wrote that Tuesday was a bad day.  And it was.  But in the interest of total honestly, it was actually the vertex (look at me, using my College Algebra words) of a bad… stretch.  It’s been a stretch again.

Today though, I got to not think about that for a little while.  In an awesomely impromptu, quickly planned little adventure that was just drummed up a couple weeks ago, I had a friend fly out from San Diego, just for the day.  Just to get pierced together.  We threw a little whirlwind shopping trip in there too, and a stop at Sprouts and Starbucks.  And then I brought her back to the airport.  How cool is that?

We drove and chatted, and bonded over a great number of things, including our shared lack of directional skills.  In my defense, there is a MISSING EXIT on the 202.  There’s a 2, then there’s a 4, but there’s no 3.   Where did Exit 3 go???  And also, why would the directions have you go east to take a u-turn to go west, when it was completely possible to just go west in the first place?  And also, right turn only lanes need to be more clearly marked.  I’m a big fan of printed directions, and don’t usually trust GPSes.  But dude, did they ever fail me today.

It was a good day, and a fun day, and getting new piercings always makes me feel a little bit like a superhero.

Good company.  Good conversation.  Good times.

Did it fix anything?  Well, no.  Life is… life is what it is.

But it helped.  It certainly helped.

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4 Responses to Happy Distractions

  1. Our interstate does the skip-numbers mile-marker system (so you go from 32 to 28 to 24 to 21 to 19…) It is the most terrible thing ever invented. Just saying.

  2. Kim M

    Glad you had such a fun day with your friend. I hope you have many more happy days ahead.

    Our interstate system skips numbers too, but there’s a reason for it so it makes sense. The numbering starts at one side of the state and each exit is named for the mile marker that it’s closest to. So exit 1 is at the one mile marker, and exit 3 is at the three mile marker. If there’s no exit at the two mile marker, then they skip exit 2. And if there are multiple exits near the three mile marker then they are 3A, 3B, etc.

    So, at the very least, you know that when you pass exit 1, you’ve got 2 more miles to go. I get confused when you’ve driven 10 miles after exit 1 and you *still* haven’t found exit 3. Did I miss it?!