Mar 03

Dreadlocks, 26 Months

I am cracking up because 1)  They were extra crazy today because I slept with them in a bun last night,  2) After watching both this video and the one from when they were 8 months, I realized I said many of the same exact things, and 3) A public speaker I am not.  But people are always so curious, so here they are, at just over two years.




  1. Rene' Michelle Floyd

    How and why do you wash your dreads with baking soda?

    1. pathlesstaken

      How: I mix a good heaping tablespoon with a few cups of warm water. Pour it all over, work it through, and let it sit for awhile. Rinse.

      Why: Because it gets them super clean (and keeps them clean a long time) *without* leaving behind any residue like regular shampoo. It’s a great natural way to clean undreaded hair too. :)

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