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Mar 19

Friends, The Internet, and Finding My Soul Sisters


The first person I ever knew who met someone on the internet was my sister. It was the early 90’s, back when the internet was all new and scary, and actually meeting someone from the internet was akin to making yourself a date with an ax murderer, or at the very least, a weirdo. So …

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Mar 03

Arizona, Visitors, and Coming Full Circle

Every time someone hears that we used to live in New Hampshire, they ask the inevitable – and fair – question:  “What brought you to Arizona?”  And with few exceptions, my answer is a little bit different every single time.   Not because I’m unsure, but because there were just so MANY reasons, both large and …

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Feb 24

Cousins and Legos

Tonight my brother in law and his family are here from New Hampshire. It’s the first time they’ve been out to Phoenix since we’ve moved here, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been over five years. The kids wasted no time in getting to know each other… Autumn & Tegan And the big kids …

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May 02

Phoenix in April

Last week, Skip & Barbara, and Rob, Celia and little Ayla all came to visit. I posted this one picture (the rest of the weeks pics can be found here, here, here, and here) because the outdoors seemed to be the theme of the week. We spent much of the time just sitting out back …

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Feb 18

A Week in Pictures … and a few words too

Has it been only 9 days since my last blog? What a full and eventful 9 days it’s been. First, I’m sad to report that we lost the praying mantises. We still don’t know what went wrong, but every last one of them had died by the time 3 days had passed. On a brighter …

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Jan 02

In with the new…

I always get very excited about New Years. I love the idea of fresh starts and clean slates, new calendars and to-do lists. Out with the old, and in with the new. I did not however, make any resolutions this year. I want to live today for TODAY. If there’s something I want to change …

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